Apr 26 2011

computer ate my post!



It was brilliant! Smart, funny, insightful. A commentary on modern society, and how the future is unevenly distributed, with a side comment on feminism and a quote from Janis Joplin (“Women are the waitresses at the banquet of life.”)

Then, when I hit “publish”, the computer went: “Post? What post? There was a post?”

Gone, all gone.

Why? Because: started the post yesterday. Brought it up today to finish it, lost the internet connection, did not realize, and blithely kept writing.

Meanwhile, out in the cloud, the server was going, “Hm, this person has timed out. I shall shut down WordPress now. Yes.”

“Post it!” says I. “Huh?” says my computer. “Oh, you were working on something? ”

“Maybe you should, like, sign in,” says WordPress. “That would be good.”

“Ack,” says I.

Now: out of time, must rush to the DayJob.

I’ll try to reconstruct, but you know, it’s never the same the second time around.