Lost weekend


Damn. Don’t you hate it when you start feeling bad on a Friday, spend Saturday and Sunday coughing and hacking in a Nyquil and Dayquil induced haze, and then wake up in time to find you’re just about well enough to drag yourself to work on Monday?

Hey, I had plans for that time! Big plans! Important plans!

Plus: my writer’s group is meeting on Saturday, and now I have 5 Dayjob-filled weekdays in which to finish reading and analyzing one of our members’ ENTIRE NOVEL.

Well, at least my week off is still coming up, and I sincerely hope that I used up all the germs that might have threatened to make me ill during that time.

Because being ill for my week off would be completely miserable.

2 Responses to “Lost weekend”

  • Ita Says:

    I feel for you. In the 23 years I worked for my company, I had one sick day. All the other times I was really sick was on weekends or when I had vacation scheduled.