Three days off!


How lovely to be in the middle of Sunday and realize that Monday will be free, free!

Spending the entire weekend writing!

Well, plus some laundry.

And cooking a few meals here and there.

Also: Hey, Laurie J. Marks is visiting for the whole weekend! Also writing.

It has not rained yet, although it keeps threatening to do so.

So mostly, I’m tucking myself into my little woody nook and pretending I’m deep in the wilderness (despite Lawnmower Man’s inescapable industriousness), and being All Creative and Stuff.

It's a flower.   But it's green.   It's a green flower.

It's a flower. But it's green. It's a green flower.

These little things are all over the place. Can’t quite figure where they’re coming from….

they're everywhere

they're everywhere

Okay, back to work.

I mean, back to fun.

I mean, back to work…

Oh, that’s right: Writing is work that is actually fun.

Back to it.

4 Responses to “Three days off!”

  • khavrinen Says:

    I try really hard not to be that guy who’s always commenting on authors’ blogs, asking when the next one in the series is going to be finished ( “Is it done yet? How about now? Now?!” “Don’t make me pull the Internet over.” ), so I haven’t said anything about the Steerswoman series, though it’s at the top of my “cant-wait-for-it” list. But since Laurie’s there, and this isn’t _her_ website, and it’s been a really long time since she’s said anything new there about “Air Logic”, maybe just this once I could ask how progress is looking?

    • Rosemary Says:

      Khavrinen —

      I just now asked Laurie what I should say in reply…

      And she authorized me to let you know that she’ll be handing in the completed manuscript by August 31st, which should work out to a publication date of sometime next year.

      As to when exactly next year, that’s not really in an author’s control, I know. But it will be out of her hands and into the publishers’ hands by August 31st. I suppose it will all depend on how the publishers have set up their schedule.

  • Melissa Kirkland Says:

    Resident botanist here. What are the little green flowers? Are they falling off a tree, or growing on a stem arising from the soil? Do they have leaves on the plant? Give me more pictures–I’m compelled to know . . . I may not sleep . . . I mean, really . . . Don’t just put up a picture like that and then go talk about writing . . . c’mon.