May 29 2011

Three days off!


How lovely to be in the middle of Sunday and realize that Monday will be free, free!

Spending the entire weekend writing!

Well, plus some laundry.

And cooking a few meals here and there.

Also: Hey, Laurie J. Marks is visiting for the whole weekend! Also writing.

It has not rained yet, although it keeps threatening to do so.

So mostly, I’m tucking myself into my little woody nook and pretending I’m deep in the wilderness (despite Lawnmower Man’s inescapable industriousness), and being All Creative and Stuff.

It's a flower.   But it's green.   It's a green flower.

It's a flower. But it's green. It's a green flower.

These little things are all over the place. Can’t quite figure where they’re coming from….

they're everywhere

they're everywhere

Okay, back to work.

I mean, back to fun.

I mean, back to work…

Oh, that’s right: Writing is work that is actually fun.

Back to it.

May 30 2010

Quick post….


I’m devoting the 3-day weekend to writing — which means no blog posting (except this).

No sign of the Lawnmower Man yet — perhaps he’s taken his family to the beach. Or to the park for a cookout.

I had feared that everyone would be in their back yards (it’s a condo complex, with one continuous back yard for all), hootin’ and hollerin’ and barbequeing. But no. Nice and quiet. Not too hot. Nice for writing al fresco.

Just to let people know: the auction for Laurie & Deb went swimmingly, and the total has come to more than $10,000. If YOU participated, you are wonderful, and we all love you.

The book, and the book plus artifact, are now winging their way to their respective new owners (Australia? Did you say AUSTRALIA??).

I had tried to make a couple of other things to auction, but the cool tote bag with map of Rowan’s world (as of The Lost Steersman) got burned in the center while I was ironing on the transfer, so: not good enough for the auction.

On the upside, I now have a cool tote bag with a map of Rowan’s world, slightly burned in the center, in which to tote my totables.

Slightly burned but still cool