Mar 23 2015

Well, this is no fun!


Yeah, working for a living?  Leaves much to be desired.

And by this I mean: working at the Day Job.  At the beginning of March, I increased my hours to full-time.  Technically full-time; actually 32 hours a week, which is what I was doing before my year-long side-trip to Scary Medical Adventure Time Land.

So, back full-time.  It’s pretty exhausting, even at 32 hours; and more so as I’m trying like crazy to integrate a writerly work-week in there.

My doc says that what I’m looking at right now is no longer the side-effects of treatments, but simply the fact that I’m totally de-conditioned.  I’ve done not much of anything physical for a year, and she and I agree that I just have to dig in and get my strength back.  It won’t happen overnight.

My favorite exercise is just plain old walking — and I do wish the weather would cooperate on that!  But until Spring stops cosplaying as Winter, I’ve got the gym, and this extra-long corridor with staircases in the building where my writing office is.

But — I’m just impatient.   I’d like to have more energy… but the only way to get it is to do it, and be resigned to feeling extra tired, until my physical condition catches up with demands.

Not complaining, just reporting (as I used to say to my nurses when they did something that made me go “Ouch!”).

I’ve been trying to use my three-day weekend as a three-day second work week — mostly attempting to ignore the world at large, and dig in to my various writerly tasks.   But what I do need most at the moment is actual exercise, including strength training, and it looks like I’ve got to devote some serious time to that.

I think things will shake down in the next couple of months.  But I do wish that the months would not fly by so very quickly!