Mar 29 2015

Move along, nothing to see here…


Still hunkered down, dug in.   Between the Day Job, trying to get some serious exercise, and working through the evisceration and reconstruction of Book 5, I barely see or speak to anyone…

But during it all, on and off,  I’ve been thinking, and you know what?

You know, that thing?  Where they say you should be writing every single day, no matter what?  That you should have a set amount of words or pages or something, and every day write that amount at least?

Guess what?
The writers I like best don’t do it that way.

Mostly, the writers whose work I like best will: get an idea, think up stuff, plan stuff out, stew on it, fuss with it at greater or lesser levels of intensity while going about their lives… and then at some point say, “This is it!” and then clear the decks and work on it until it’s done.

And the folks who do it the other way, the every-day-without-fail people — mostly, they tend to write stuff I don’t like much.  I’d name names, but then I’d have to tell you who I think sucks, and there’s not much point in that…

But, in my own work, every time I’ve finished a novel, I did it by dropping everything else.  For a time.

So… kind of nice to know that the writers I like most are mostly like me.

Since I can’t actually quit the Day Job (not quite yet), I’m trying to fool my subconscious into sort-of believing that I have – – for three days a week.

And… let’s give this a couple of months.   See what comes of it.