Hunkering down


I’m spending three days just hunkering down and just trying to get my head wrapped around the story.  Deconstruction/reconstruction.  Disengaging from everyday stuff long enough to get sight of the sweep of the story.

Since I have Mondays off from the Day Job, and no more chemo, and no other medical appointments until the 16th, I have a chunk of time…

So, I shall be a bit quiet until, oh, Tuesday or thereabouts.

Call it a writer’s retreat without me actually going anywhere.

See you in a few.  Meanwhile, in the tradition of my posts from undisclosed locations while trying to write, I may drop a photo in every now and then.

Like this.  Here’s a spooky pic from the roof of my office.  There’s a whole complex of old factories and warehouses, now converted — this is the former smokestack (now a handy cell tower), the moon, an odd cloud, and the building next door.

tower at night 2 03-07-15

Via secret access to the roof.



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