Terry Pratchett is gone.


I cannot measure how much joy this man’s writing gave me. Endless joy.

New York Times announcement.

3 Responses to “Terry Pratchett is gone.”

  • Sabine Says:

    I’m sad to hear it. I love his books and have read and reread them for years, ever since you loaned me a copy of “The Color of Magic.” I liked the way it was announced on Twitter. Very fitting.

  • Regina Says:

    I’m rereading his books – first read them in translation, now the original. Even more joy, though I also feel with the family, as my father has Alzheimers and faces it bravely.

  • Jason H Says:

    He’s been one of my favorite writers for years — as much for the commentary on society as the hilarity of this books.

    I’ll really miss the feeling of looking forward to his next book. Moreover, the world will miss a great voice. Luckily there are some 75 books he left with us, timeless every one.