Jun 18 2015

I’ll be AT Readercon, although not IN Readercon…


That is, I’ll be attending as an attendee… but won’t be on any panels or other events.

Somewhere along the line, either my invitation to participate got lost and never reached me, or my reply to the first request for confirmation of interest never reached them.  Alas, but hey, bonus!  I can take it easy at the convention.

I don’t mind… I’m kinda tired lately.  Not being in extrovert mode sounds rather attractive.   I’m a natural introvert, but I can function as an extrovert when I need to (or just want to).   It’s a skill that helps with marketing, social interaction and occasionally survival in the workplace.   But if I have to do it for too long, I just get weary; and if I’m already weary, it gets harder.

So: I’ll be there, absorbing the content and generally goofing off, just like any other happy fan.

But in lieu of a Kaffeeklatsch, if any of you are interested in hanging out and drinking coffee, say so in the comments!  I can try to arrange to be somewhere with coffee at a specified time and day, and we could do that.

Same cup I used when I was first writing The Steerswoman

Same cup I used when I was first writing The Steerswoman