Jun 27 2015

What happens when you don’t check the news for a couple of days


Or Facebook or Twitter, for that matter.

There was some crap going on at the Day Job, involving me covering the duties of the Human Resources person while she went on a long-overdue vacation… and I nervous and angst-y about it. Failing to do things correctly might have caused big problems! So, I was, shall we say, hyper-focused on it.

Along about Friday, when it was evident I did everything perfectly (takes a bow), at a quiet moment at work I took a glance at Facebook on my phone. And I went:

Wait, what?

THAT happened?


I hadn’t even noticed that it was a possible thing that possibly might have been about to happen. And then it happened!

It took me a bit to get over my astonishment — it seemed to come out of the blue!

And then: I was glad.

And then: I thought about all my LGBTQ friends, acquaintances and artistic heroes, who have struggled so long to be treated by the rest of society simply as fellow human beings…

Yeah, and then the tears came. Then.

Love wins.