Sep 13 2015

Temporary price drop, otherwise known as a sale


For clever marketing reasons, The Steerswoman is currently priced at $0.99.

Obviously, it’s a ploy to tempt new readers, on the assumption that if they read the first book, they’ll be hooked, and snap up the rest.

Of course, you’re here, reading this blog, because you’ve already read the Steerswoman series — so, actually, this information is not all that useful to you…

Unless — aha!  Perhaps you have friends, who you know would love reading about Rowan’s adventures, but who have so far been reluctant to shell out hard-earned bucks merely on your say-so.  But at less than one dollar, what have they got to lose?

Perhaps you might mention it to them?  That’d be swell!

But actually, the main way people are going to hear about the sale is through an email marketing service called BookBub.  They have a huge list of subscribers who get daily emails about discounted ebooks.   Many of the ebooks on BookBub are self-published, but you’ll also find books that were previously on the New York Times bestseller list, and lesser-known works by established writers, as the publishers try to squeeze out one last bit of income on behalf of their authors (and themselves).

BookBub is no fly-by-night operation; it’s well-known and has a great track record.  I heard about it first from SF writer and pal Jeff Carver.   Apparently it’s not easy to get your book listed by them — they do have standards!  But they let me in first try… So I guess I meet the standards.

The price drop is in effect on Amazon, iBooks Smashwords and Kobo.  Barnes & Noble are lagging behind, so if you’re a dedicated Nooker, you might not see the lowered price until later in the week.

Also: I slightly lowered the price on other books in the series.  Just to make things even more enticing.

So, there you go: my foray into email marketing, which started today, and runs for a week.  I’ll keep you posted on the results…

(By the way, sometimes publishers and authors use BookBub to offer their ebooks for free, and this has led some people to think that the books are pirated!  This is not true!  If a book is offered free through BookBub, it’s because the publisher or writer decided to do that.   Nothing on BookBub is stolen or pirated!)