Sep 16 2015

Halfway through that sale…



On the very first day of the sale, Sunday,  I sold 1,682 copies of The Steerswoman.

So…looks like BookBub has done pretty well for me.

I also sold 85 copies of The Outskirter’s Secret, 66 copies of The Lost Steersman, and 62 copies of The Language of Power that day, making 1,895 total ebooks sold that day.

Which is… a lot.   A whole lot.

So, my thanks to all the new readers, and if you found your way here:  Hello!   Feel free to browse around the older entries.   There’s some interesting stuff back there.  Also, sample chapters under “Free Reads,” above.  And don’t forget the comments: some cool people hang out here.

Naturally, Sunday was the best day for the sale, being the very day that all the subscribers got their email from BookBub.  But Monday and Tuesday were still pretty good.  Things seem to be calming down a bit now.

Of course, the next thing to watch for is the (possible) echo, as some number of people who finished reading The Steerswoman, decide they want some more, and go for the rest of the series.   And books 2-4 have a higher rate of royalty for me, while still being reasonably priced.  So I’ll make more from fewer copies.

As I keep saying (in the comment section), it’s all going into the Quit-the-Day-Job-and-Finish-Writing-the-Series Fund.  Just sayin’.

Must go now: I’m stealth-blogging from the Day Job.  (Whistles nonchalantly whilst strolling away, nothing to see here, carry on..)