Lunar eclipse


The weather’s great, I have a lovely view from the roof of my office.   Alas that I forgot to bring a) my binoculars, and b) my slightly better camera.   My iPhone just won’t cut it.

So I’m just watching with eyeballs, and storing it in actual memory in my head, instead of outboard electronic device memory.  I’m not watching continuously — just popping up to the roof intermittently.  There’s one place to stand where the various rooftop structures neatly block the glare from all the safety floodlights.  Not true dark-sky, but darker and very pleasant.

Not tonight, but a previous, cloudy night that was nicely eerie.

Not tonight, but a previous, cloudy night that was nicely eerie.

Whenever I see a total lunar eclipse, when the moon turns red I spend a moment pretending it’s actually Mars.  Sigh.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the encouraging comments on the last two posts. It’s great to know that people are reading my books, and new people finding them, and that there’s so much enthusiasm about upcoming books!

In the meantime,  I don’t think there are many possible excerpts or out-takes left, but when I find any, I’ll put them up here.


4 Responses to “Lunar eclipse”

  • Lindig Says:

    Down here in the Smoky Mtns, we’re socked in with clouds and rain so no eclipse for us. Sigh. However, we’re still 6″ shy of normal, so we really need the rain.

    I’m going to have to get a copy of The Steerswoman’s Road — I’ve lost my copy of Outskirter’s Secret and the 1st book is mmpb, so it doesn’t match the last 2 books. Not that I mind buying it, you understand, but I so seldom mislay a book, I’m a little disconcerted.

  • Charlie Russel Says:

    Sadly, our eastern sky is blocked by a very large coastal mountain range, so by the time the moon was high enough to be seen over it, all the excitement was long gone. But I’m really glad that others got to see it.

    As for outtakes and excerpts — Any and all snippets or longer are fun and appreciated.

  • Kalessin Says:

    Actually, wasn’t there somewhere on this blog a snippet about Miras reasons for being as she was? Or did I dream that?