Jul 14 2011



No time, ZERO! Working overtime at the DayJob so as to pre-catch up for being away all next week. Strained my back a bit, as sometimes happens when I forget to take breaks, so I now move more slowly exactly when I need to be moving faster.

Trying to prepare for a trip that includes: attending a convention where I must dress not like a slob, and be able to speak intelligently on a writerly subject; hanging out with writer pals, where I can wear any ol’ thing, but must read stuff out loud, provide beverages, and prepare to do arts & crafts; and day-hiking in the White Mountains, where I must somehow also appear with at least 3 cakes in hand.

I am NOT baking those cakes. I will buy pre-baked.

I managed to squeeze in some good writing time on Monday, plus the gym — then it was bye-bye to all that, and hello prep-chaos.

Although, on Monday I did drive all the way to the Funky Monkey and only remembered when I got there that it’s closed on Mondays. Had to do Panera’s instead.

Where I wanted to be vs. where I was

Where I wanted to be vs. where I was

Time’s up! Hit the ground running!

Nov 2 2010

Offsite writing locations — the search continues



Checking out the Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery.

I have high hopes for this place.  I felt right at home as soon as I walked in.   Posters in the windows for upcoming live music, bulletin board covered in local flyers.   Weird art on the wall (Day of the Dead themed, to suit the season).  Chalkboard on the wall for a menu — although someone here is an artist, judging by the cool lettering.

Latte is GREAT!    Waiting for my BLT….

Check out the monkey behind me.   I am loving this monkey.

It’s possibly a bit noisy, but I’m here at what’s probably their busiest time on a non-music evening.

Plus: the background music coming over the loudspeakers is non-horrible.

And: The flyers for the live music look really promising.

Also: my BLT arrived, and it is to die for.

Now: is it possible to actually write here?   Let’s see….