Feb 23 2018



Okay, just got the latest proof copy of The Language of Power from CreateSpace, and I’m calling it.  DONE!

That dragon looks almost real to me…

That’s it — all four now in paperback.

Createspace said it would take a day or so for it to appear on Amazon.com… but I see that it’s up right now!

However, it’s not yet linked to the reviews made for previous editions.  I’ll have to tell them to do that, again.

I’ve ordered a bunch of copies, including those for my five valiant volunteers, who made proofing this book so much more pleasant than the previous.  Once they get here (in a couple of weeks, looks like) I’ll be asking for your street addresses so I can mail you your copy.  You are angels.

Thing that I’m not going to do (yet): I’m not going to go back and do another version of The Steerswoman in a size to match the other three books.  Because — I’ve sorta had it for now.  Really.   Spent a lot of time doing this, and I have other stuff that needs getting done!

Except, right now, I plan to nap.  ‘Cause, I’m beat.