Jun 25 2011

The Remarkable Ms. Sherman.


Wednesday was the birthday of pal and fellow member of the Fabulous Genrettes, Delia Sherman.

I could not actually drop by to celebrate as she and Ellen Kushner are down in Roanoke Virginia, where Ellen is the Writer in Residence for the Children’s Literature Graduate program, and Delia is on the faculty, teaching creative writing.

So I sent flowers. Which, after some adventures, actually arrived.

Oh, look there they are!

At Hollins University, hard at work..

Mine are the ones in front!

I love this picture because:

a) it’s of my pal Delia,
b) one day after her 60th birthday,
c) in the actual act of writing,
d) in a lovely, Delia-esque room,
e) at a place where people appreciate her talents, intelligence, wisdom and overall specialness.

I’ll catch up with her and Ellen at Readercon.


Overloaded at the DayJob, writing every day, going to the gym, etc.

When I feel brain-fried, I’ll just head off to my little leafy corner…