Jan 8 2018

Well, it’s good I did that New Year’s Day thing…


… Because right after that I came down with something.

Possibly the flu, despite having had a flu shot.   The virus is always evolving, and the shots can’t be perfect.  Possibly just a massive cold.

Anyway, I basically hunkered down and lived on Dayquil and Nyquil (or their generic equivalents) for a few days.   Eventually I dragged myself back to the office.  I figured that I could be sick there just as comfortably as at home — I have a rocking chair, a comfy blankie, a very efficient space heater, a mini-fridge, and a microwave.  Also, all the tea and honey I could ever use.

The bonus was that if I felt good for any periods of time, however brief, I could put them to good use.

Which I did.

The latest iteration.

My thanks to all who pointed out problems with the previous iterations.  You all were right, every one of you.   So, feel free to embiggen and scrutinize this one!

Meanwhile, still proofing the physical copy of the previous iteration.  I have discovered that I’m much better at proofing text on paper than I am proofing Createspace’s online proof copy.  Which involves staring furiously at a GREAT BIG GLOWY SCREEN for hours on end.

Also going ahead on the cover for The Language of Power.

And taking Dayquil.

My latest thing to soothe me to sleep: Starship Sleeping Quarters.  It’s white noise with a deep bass beneath it.   The screen is slightly amusing, but rather bright.  I generally turn it away so it doesn’t shine through my eyelids.   But I do like the sound.

Also, TV binge-watched while I was good for nothing else:

Travelers, second season (Netflix): Excellent.  I did have to re-watch the first season in order to remember why I liked these characters, but once I did that, I was swept up again.

Humans, second season (Amazon):  Also very good.  It seemed to come to an interesting point that could be an end-point, so I do wonder if the series is completed.

The anthology series Black Mirror, fourth season: The opening episode has generated a lot of buzz in the SF/F world  — and it does not disappoint!   Really well done.   Also, I note that the second episode was directed by Jodie Foster, whose work I admire.  I’m not bingeing these…

I’m also looking forward to Halt and Catch Fire, and I see that The Good Place has returned for a new season.

Don’t worry, I’m actually reading things, too. Especially as my brain comes back on line between cold-med doses.

Must go now.  More later.