Mar 9 2011

And the overtime just keeps coming….


I’ve been off the grid, still working overtime at the DayJob to catch up from my vacation.

Plus: spent Monday getting a routine diagnostic test, and a less-routine but still not alarming second diagnostic test. So, hey! Extra day of missed DayJob work to make up, isn’t that lovely.

And thanks to all this, momentum on The Seekrit Project has faltered. Dammit. I shall try to recover it in days to come and on the weekend.

On the upside, the auction for Con or Bust is closed, and my items gained a nice chunk of bucks for the cause, thanks to a wonderful fan who I won’t name here, in case he/she wants to remain in the background (but he/she could speak up in the comments, if he/she wants to…).

You can’t bid any more, but if you just feel like throwing money directly at them, you can do that, too.

Hey! I saw the ISS and shuttle Discovery pass by overhead the other night. So lovely. I always keep a lookout for viewing opportunities.

No, it didn't look like this, I was on the ground!

No, it didn't look like this, I was on the ground!

Ack. Must get back to work, else I’ll never catch up!