The white light of my reason, the prism of my heart.


I acquired this one not by paying money, but by trading one of my books to Darlene.

The tones are so rich....

The tones are so rich....

She calls it a “color test” — just experimenting, to see what happens. It came out gorgeous, as you can see.

How can the colors be this rich?

How can colors this pure blend into each other?

At several points today, when thing got absolutely dreadful (computers down, phones down, urgent messages from suppliers via our answering service, having to recite our entire payroll over the phone so we could get paid this week — all numbers, no words, all urgent, no excuses) I just leaned back, pulled out one end of the scarf, picked a color, and gazed.

Just color

Just color

I’m indifferent to fashion, really — but I understand the impulse to want to own, and show, and carry with you, true beauty.

That’s not fashion, that’s art.

2 Responses to “The white light of my reason, the prism of my heart.”

  • Ita Says:

    Love it!!!

  • Sabine Says:

    Wow! Beautiful scarf and beautiful title. When I was attending Weight Watchers meetings, they talked about “touchstones” which they defined as items you could use to remind you of why you were trying to lose weight. You could use it to draw inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s sort of a”slant” definition, I suppose, like a slant rhyme, since a touchstone is actually a way of testing, or a reference point.

    I think we all need them. I’m going to go looking for mine.