Feb 5 2012

Just an update


I haven’t been blogging lately due, alas, to the continuing and increasing unpleasantness in the DayJob.

The Wind Horse flags have helped keep my spirits up, and the images on my beloved Darlene scarves as well.

Also,this image from a reader in Scotland:

The gentleman commissioned this as a gift for his wife, who then came up with the engraving.

I can’t express how lovely I find this…

(I won’t mention the reader’s name — unless he chooses to identify himself in the comments!)


I also have a steerswoman’s ring, which I had commisssioned, ages ago:

I can’t recall who made this for me …  but the reader in Scotland did provide a link to his ringmaker, so you can see their work here.


Well.  Must go.   Making two pots of pea soup, and trying to squeeze in some actual writing before Monday….