Feb 24 2012

Dinner Out


I thought it would be criminal to be in the midst of excellent restaurants for a week, and not partake. Plus: no internet at the place I’m staying — except for an intermittent signal from some distant neighbors who left their wifi open to all comers (thank you, kind local family). So I thought I’d look for a place for coffee and internet, and then some nice seafood.

The coffee with internet place was closed! At 5PM! Winter hours in a New England seaside tourist site.

But their free wifi was still up. Still, I couldn’t quite see sitting in my car on the main drag, posting on the web.

Okay, I wanted isolation — I got it!

I went to the Deli for coffee, no wifi. I wrote lots longhand, with my fountain pen, which was lovely.

Deli had a nice view

Then I shambled over to a nearby restaurant, hoping for great seafood.

Possibly their chef was on vacation. It being, you know, winter. No tourists. I won’t mention the name — I don’t want to put you off, they’re probably better in the summer.

Can't seem to get enough of that harbor view...

Downside of big dinners: sleepiness. I shall remember this the next time I don’t want to waste valuable thinking/writing/reading/research time on a nap.

Still, glad I got out of the house at least once!

I keep forgetting how much I love being by the ocean.

The stars at night are better than home (but would be better still if not for another neighbor with a GREAT BIG GLARING SECURITY LIGHT that he has, out of the kindness of his heart, decided to share with THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD all night long).

I keep looking out to sea….

But, what is this island? What's on it? Who goes there?

Feb 24 2012

the wee small hours


Normally primetime, but after a big seafood dinner, soo sleeepy....

Do NOT have to get up early to go to any DayJob tomorrow.

Trying very hard not to think about anything connected with the DayJob.