Oct 2 2012

Still in the bio section, but now in the B’s


Not every book I pick up randomly is ancient…

Nice guitar, too, but if I were to go electric, I'd probably get a Gibson Les Paul.   'Cause.

eye-catching cover!

“Just before they were to open the doors for the spectators, four of the maintenance guys came out and roped off the armory with white window cord. They looped and tied it to each seat down the center aisle, making it an off-limits zone that neither coloreds nor whites could tread. They didn’t, we didn’t, no one else didn’t during the entire show although the armory was jam-packed with standing room sold as well. That six-foot-wide aisle, holding the choicest views in the place, stayed clear as a whistle.”

Chuck Berry, The Autobiography by Chuck Berry, Isalee Publishing Co., 1987

When I was a kid, I thought Chuck Berry was corny; when I was a teenager, I thought there was something there, probably; as an adult, I realized what I’d been missing.

Power in music; power from music.

Rock and roll didn't just invent itself.