Oct 31 2012

My take on Disney buying out Lucasfilms, and what it might mean for the Star Wars franchise


It can’t be worse, and it might be better.

This because:

1) Disney, whatever its flaws, knows how to tell a story.

2) Lucas does not.   Anymore.

3) The people who saw the first three movies as kids and loved them, and then saw the three prequel movies and were perplexed and saddened, are all grown up now.   Some of them are writers, scriptwriters, directors, actors, casting directors, stuntmen and stuntwomen, film editors, etc.

4) Some of them already work for Disney.  You know they do.  Let them  make the  next movies; they want Star Wars to be good again.

You know, there’s something worse than two-dimensional characterization: it’s characterization reduced to flash-cards

More is needed really.

Just state the attribute -- that's the same as characterization, right?

.     I’m pretty sure Disney won’t do that.   They might err in the other direction, which could be just as bad… but it won’t be worse.

I shall watch developments with interest.