Oct 23 2012

More library hours….


Still at it…

Latest random quote:


When you are blind, a hand suddenly grabs you.  A voice suddenly addresses you.  There is no anticipation or preparation.  I am grasped.  I am greeted.  I am passive in the presence of that which accosts me.  I cannot escape it.  The normal person can choose whom he wants to speak to, as he wanders around the streets or the marketplace.   People are already there for him; they have a presence prior to his greeting them, and he can choose whether or not to turn that presence into a relationship by addressing his acquaintance.  For the blind person, people are in motion, they are temporal, they come and they go.  They come out of nothing; they disappear.

Touching the Rock, an Experience of Blindness by John M. Hull, Pantheon Books, New York, 1990

"If I have to carry a cup of tea from this room into the next, I can do it.   If you put a full glass in my other hand, then I cannot do it."

Scanning through, I seem to find a lot of religious references, alas. But nevertheless, there are plenty of fascinating observations and insights.

Must. Put. Book. Down. And. Write.