Nov 10 2010

A couple of format tweaks


I’ve moved the “Recent Comments” higher up on the page — this on the theory that it should be easily visible, so you’ll know right away if someone has added comments to any posts that might be further down the line. (Such as Melanie’s new comment in the “Habitation of the Blessed” comment stream. To which I shall soon, in turn, reply.) You wouldn’t want to miss what other people are saying! Some of them are very smart and nice. Okay, all of them. So far. No trolls have found us yet.

Also: I put an Amazon link right up on the top on the far right. So you don’t have to go through my “The Books” link for an easy way to get copies of my work. Thus saving time and encouraging you to support The Arts. The Arts being represented, in this case, by Me.

Ack! Time’s up — off to DayJobville.

Nov 9 2010

Sagan day


Being Carl Sagan’s birthday, it’s time to re-watch this video by Symphony of Science…

You know, I still miss him….

(more videos at the Symphony of Science site...)

Nov 9 2010

Mugged by winter!


There we all were, just minding our own business when — Pow!

Big clumps of snow falling from the sky — not flakes, but clumps.

High winds!

Inch and a half of pure slush on the roads, and everyone slip-sliding along.

Me with hills and backroads to traverse getting to work. Plus: semi-bald tires.

So I called in to work and told them I had to buy snow-tires RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, my boss was not in yet, as he delayed by the blizzard conditions. I left a message.

3 hours later: new snow tires. “Oh, yeah,” says the guy at Town Fair Tires, “we were expecting this. We expected it Saturday.”

Big surprise to me.

When I got to work the snow had stopped falling….

By noon, all gone...

By 3pm, all gone…

In other news: Justin St. Pierre from the DayJob tweaked my car enough to get it through the winter. I do not need to spend $3K+ to get it fixed. I spent .5K for new front axles, plus clutch tweaking. Another .5K for the tires, and I’m ready to roll!

Nov 4 2010

From the deeps







Outa the dark, inta the dark, here we come, there we go.” — Gebby in The Lost Steersman

(images from the Deep Impact EPOXI probe of the nucleus of comet Hartley 2)

Nov 2 2010

Offsite writing locations — the search continues



Checking out the Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery.

I have high hopes for this place.  I felt right at home as soon as I walked in.   Posters in the windows for upcoming live music, bulletin board covered in local flyers.   Weird art on the wall (Day of the Dead themed, to suit the season).  Chalkboard on the wall for a menu — although someone here is an artist, judging by the cool lettering.

Latte is GREAT!    Waiting for my BLT….

Check out the monkey behind me.   I am loving this monkey.

It’s possibly a bit noisy, but I’m here at what’s probably their busiest time on a non-music evening.

Plus: the background music coming over the loudspeakers is non-horrible.

And: The flyers for the live music look really promising.

Also: my BLT arrived, and it is to die for.

Now: is it possible to actually write here?   Let’s see….

Nov 2 2010

Valente’s Habitation of the Blessed — officially out now


Catherynne M. Valente’s Habitation of the Blessed, which we started discussing with Thursday’s Post, and continuing into the comments, is now out in the actual official hard-copy version, so you can buy it today!.

But I must say, it was fun to be able to read it early in the Kindle Version. (Nyah, as they say, Nyah!)

My thanks to Sabine for posting during the discussion, and being all enthusiastic. You’re the best.

It’s not too late to have your say! Post a comment here, or in the original discussion post comments

Plus, Ms. Valente herself is doing a contest/giveaway at her blog. Do check it out — you want these items!